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Rundle Sport v-boards are the most effective way for event organizers to increase the professionalism and efficiency of their cross country ski and biathlon events. Designed with the organizer in mind, Rundle Sport v-boards look great, are durable, are stackable for easy transportation and storage, and are easily secured to the ground. Large handles allow volunteers and organizers to set up the V-Boards without removing their winter gloves. 


  • Professional V-Boards for all Types of Race Events
  • Corner Spikes for Ground Penetration and Snow Grip
  • Stackable for Storage and Transportation
  • Durable 3mm HDPE Plastic
  • Large Handle Designed for use with Winter Gloves
  • End Holes Allow Securing with Industrial Spike or Nail
  • Custom Graphics Available on Orders of 1000 Units or More
  • Length: 70cm | Width: 29cm | Height: 17cm
  • Weight of 900g/unit


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