Short Fork Design

Rundle Sport Short Fork Design


Rundle Sport’s Short Fork Design (SFD) is featured on Rush Skate and Rush Pro Skate roller skis. Using an innovative bolted fork system, SFD lowers the roller ski geometry without the drawbacks of traditional bolted fork designs. 

SFD lowers the roller ski geometry for maximum stability. Stability provides confidence and is the most important roller ski characteristic for most athletes.

SFD reduces the distance between the wheel axle and roller ski shaft to greatly reduce the stress on the forks. Reduced stress allows the forks to be smaller and lighter than forks on traditional bolted fork designs.

Torsional Rigidity
Torsional rigidity is an important component of roller ski stability. The short distance between the wheel axle and and roller ski shaft greatly increases torsional rigidity compared to traditional bolted fork designs.




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