Roller Ski Features


Low Profile Button Head Bolts on Rundle Sport Roller Skis

Low Profile Bolts

Rundle Sport uses button head bolts wherever possible to stop bolt heads from snagging each other while roller skiing. Button head bolts are also more resistant to wear caused when biathletes lie on asphalt for shooting practice.

Sealed Roller Ski Wheel Bearings on all Rundle Sport Roller Skis

Sealed Bearings

Many roller ski wheels use bearings protected by a metal seal. Metal seals offer little protection from contaminants, which is why Rundle Sport wheels exclusively use rubber sealed bearings. Our bearings last longer than the low quality bearings used by other roller ski manufacturers.

Roller Ski Fenders on all Rundle Sport Roller Skis


All Rundle Sport roller skis include fenders. Fenders are an essential accessory for wet weather training, and as an athlete driven company we know athletes roller ski rain or shine.

Aluminum roller skis shafts are used for Rundle Sport roller skis

Aircraft Grade Aluminum

All Rundle Sport roller ski shafts are made of aircraft grade aluminum. Aluminum has proven durability and is the perfect material for roller skiing applications. Unlike composites, aluminum keeps its structural integrity after years of abuse and is rarely affected by scratching or denting.

Rust resistant roller ski hardware on all Rundle Sport roller skis

Rust Resistant Hardware

Nothing is more frustrating than a rusted-out bolt. All Rundle Sport hardware uses rust proof material or has a rust proof coating to ensure our products are reliable and easy to service.

Roller ski wheels are aligned with Rundle Sport roller ski maintenance stand

Pre-Aligned Wheels

Buying a new pair of roller skis that pulls to one side is a huge disappointment that happens far too often. Rundle Sport assembles all roller skis in Canada with Rundle Sport Maintenance Stands to make sure all roller skis leave the factory with perfectly aligned wheels.

Rundle Sport roller skis are assembled in Canada

Assembled In Canada

All Rundle Sport roller skis are assembled in Canada following a strict build protocol. Roller ski parts are checked to make sure they meet required tolerances and high-quality assembly tools are used from start to finish. Assembling the roller skis in Canada ensures the highest standard are being met.

Pre-drilled bindings holes on Rundle Sport FLEX roller skis

Pre-Drilled Holes

Rundle Sport FLEX™ roller skis come with pre-drilled holes for SNS, NNN, and NIS drill patterns. This allows bindings to be easily mounted at home and in the perfect position.