Design Process


Inspired by our athletes, Rundle Sport drives to improve roller ski technology and think outside the box. Our mindset created the smoothest roller ski technology in the world and has given countless athletes an edge over their competition.

Our motto is simple: design products that give our users a competitive edge. As an athlete driven company we understand that races can be won or lost by seconds. Every training session matters, and we aim to give athletes the highest quality roller skis so they can have the highest quality training sessions.

The devil is in the details so we make sure to leave no stone unturned. Aircraft grade aluminum, rubber sealed bearings, low profile bolts, rust resistant hardware, and fenders on all our roller ski models are some of the steps we take to ensure no detail is ignored. Innovative design meets attention to detail to create the highest performing roller skis.

Roller ski prototype mold


Rundle Sport product development begins and ends with our athletes. We start by asking our athletes how we can improve our products or make their training more efficient. We take their feedback and brainstorm ways to make the adjustments that best meet their needs. We then use our CNC machine to produce high-quality prototypes for real-world testing.

After testing is complete, more feedback is taken and revisions are made until the athletes are satisfied that the product has been perfected. This testing protocol is the key to Rundle Sport product development and is the foundation for every Rundle Sport product.

 Rundle Sport FLEX roller ski tests


Even great designs fail if not executed properly, which is why Rundle Sport has never taken the easy route when it comes to building world-class roller skis. All Rundle Sport roller skis are assembled following a strict build protocol at Rundle Sport headquarters in Canmore, Alberta.

 Rundle Sport Products are Assembled in Canada

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