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Rundle Sport is Canada's only roller ski company and is based in Canmore, Alberta. Started by an engineer, a patent agent, and a National ski coach, Rundle Sport was founded on the idea that roller skis could be dramatically improved. Rundle Sport was officially launched in 2013 with the release of TrueSki™ Technology. Patented in Canada, The United States, and Europe, TrueSki™ Technology is the world’s first and only rubber-damped roller ski suspension system and is found exclusively in Rundle Sport Flex Skate and Flex Classic roller skis. Rundle Sport is an athlete driven company whose mission is to give athletes an edge over their competition. Every product is made with athletes in mind and our athlete team is part of our product development from start to finish. Quality, performance, value and competitive creed make Rundle Sport the choice of dedicated athletes.


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