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Rundle Sport is Canada's only roller ski company and is based in Canmore, Alberta. Started by an engineer, a patent agent, and a National ski coach, Rundle Sport was founded on the idea that roller skis could be dramatically improved. Rundle Sport was officially launched in 2013 with the release of TrueSki™ Technology. Patented in Canada, The United States, and Europe, TrueSki™ Technology is the world’s first and only rubber-damped roller ski suspension system and is found exclusively in Rundle Sport FLEX™ roller skis. Rundle Sport is an athlete driven company who’s mission is to give athletes an edge over their competition. Every product is made with athletes in mind and our athlete team is part of our product development from start to finish.


Our Team

Lucas Jungmann is Rundle Sport's Managing Director 

Lucas Jungmann

Managing Director

Managing Director Lucas Jungmann grew up in Rundle Sport's home town of Canmore, Alberta. Lucas has a cross country ski racing background and was part of the Alberta World Cup Academy in 2009 and 2010. Lucas graduated from UBC in Mechanical Engineering in 2015 and completed co-op terms with Ballard Power Systems, Mcelhanney Consulting, and Teck Resources. With experience in design, engineering, force analysis, and testing, Lucas oversees Rundle Sport's product development and daily operations.

Patrick McCarter is Rundle Sport's Marketing Manager 

Patrick McCarter

Marketing Manager

Patrick has a degree in Psychology from UBC and a Graduate Certificate in Digital Media Marketing from George Brown. With a background in elite mountain bike racing and product development, Patrick was drawn to Rundle Sport for its athlete driven mentality. Patrick manages Rundle Sport’s wholesale, club, and athlete programs, as well as Rundle Sport’s digital and social media. Splitting his time between Canmore and Toronto, Patrick provides athlete and retail support in both Western and Eastern Canada.



Andrew Hicks is a Rundle Sport Founder 

Andrew Hicks


Andrew has been working in the Intellectual Property field as a Patent Agent for almost 25 years. He has extensive experience developing and managing complex intellectual property portfolios across a broad range of technologies. Filing the patents for TrueSki™ Technology in 2013, Andrew saw the potential for a Canadian roller ski company and founded Rundle Sport alongside Hugues Wanlin and Alain Parent. Andrew is the guiding force behind Rundle Sport’s push to become a global leader in roller ski manufacturing.


Hugues Wanlin is a Rundle Sport Founder 

Hugues Wanlin


As a highly experienced mechanical engineer, Hugues applies knowledge from over 20 years of designing specialized parts for race cars to the development of Rundle Sport products. Hugues is the mind behind TrueSki™ Technology and personally machined the first generation of FLEX™ roller skis. Hugues is essential to Rundle Sport’s product development, ensuring materials, manufacturing, design, and assembly live up to the highest standards.

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