Skate Roller Ski Wheel

Rundle Sport skate roller ski wheels are made by the same manufacturer that makes Swenor, Fischer, and IDT roller ski wheels. This ensures that Rundle Sport wheels are the standard #2 wheel speed and allows people with different roller skis to train together. The standard #2 speed is preferred by our coaches and athletes and comes stock on Rundle Sport, Swenor, Fischer, and IDT roller skis. Rundle Sport wheels come with upgraded rubber sealed bearings and are the standard 100x24mm size.

-1 Skate Roller Ski Wheels
-Rubber Sealed Bearings Included
-Standard #2 Speed
-Standard Skate Roller Ski Wheel Size (100x24mm)
-Standard Bearing Size
-Accepts 6mm Axle
-Does Not Include Axle Hardware

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