VELOX Skate Long Roller Skis

New for 2018, Rundle Sport VELOX Skate Long roller skis are the 720mm version of our VELOX Skate roller ski. Designed for expert roller skiers, VELOX Skate Long roller skis are ideal for technique training and maximum stability. The roller skis use button head bolts to reduce snagging, use standard #2 wheel speed and standard 24x100mm wheel size, and include fenders to ensure clean legs in wet weather. Best of all, VELOX Skate Long roller skis are more stable and less expensive than other roller skis of similar length. VELOX Skate Long roller skis are the king of long-length roller skis.

-720mm Length
-Aluminum Frame
-Includes 4 Fenders
-Button Head Bolts on Roller Ski Shaft
-Standard #2 Wheel Speed
-Standard Wheel Size (100x24mm)
-Assembled in Canada

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