Flex Skate


Flex Skate roller skis are the pinnacle of roller ski technology. Rundle Sport's patented TrueSki™ Technology allows each Flex Skate roller ski wheel to independently absorb vibration from the road. The reduced vibration dramatically improves foot and shin comfort, reduces the risk of an overuse injury and creates the most realistic simulation of skiing on snow. Flex Skate roller skis are the ultimate summer training tool for both dedicated athletes and recreational roller skiers.



Rundle Sport is an official supplier of the Canadian National Cross Country Ski Team and the Canadian National Para-Nordic Team. After outstanding feedback from Alex Harvey, Lenny Valjas, and Russell Kennedy, Cross Country Canada has distributed Flex Skate roller skis to all World Cup and U25 National Team athletes. Flex Skate roller skis will allow Canada's top athletes to maximize their roller ski training and perfectly transition from roller skiing to snow skiing.

Rundle Sport Official CCC Supplier


Rundle Sport Flex Skate roller skis use TrueSki™ Technology for the smoothest and most ski-like feel. Rundle Sport vibration testing shows that Flex Skate roller skis are up to 31% smoother while coasting than composite roller skis from other brands. 

Roller Ski Vibration


Rundle Sport Flex Skate roller skis are recommended by Canada's top coaches including 4 previous Canadian National Team coaches and 6 club head coaches. Here are some examples of what coaches say about Flex Skate roller skis:

Ron Howden – Barrie XC

“Flex roller skis are the what all roller skis will be when the industry catches up.  Rundle Sport has built a roller ski that athletes can spend a lot of time on without suffering knee and joint fatigue from road vibrations. They are all around the best skate roller ski I have ever had the privilege of skiing on.”

Ivan Babikov

"I’ve been using Rundle Sport Flex Skate roller skis for over 5 years. They have stood up to thousands of kilometres and all weather conditions. FLEX roller skis are the most comfortable and ski-like roller skis I’ve ever used. I’m impressed by how much Rundle Sport listens to athlete feedback."

Alain Parent – Canmore Nordic & Team R.A.D.

“The Flex roller skis do an excellent job absorbing vibration from the road. Just as important, they give an on-snow skate ski feel by returning the energy back from the push to the ski.”

Jack Sasseville – Hardwood Cross Country Ski And Bike

“My Flex roller skis are the best skate roller skis that I have ever used. I love the vibration dampening. They feel like I am skiing on hard, firm tracks in the winter.” 

David Wood – Black Jack Nordic

“The Black Jack Team has used Rundle Sport roller skis for many years. The Flex suspension smooths out the roads, gives a good ride, and is durable. Overall an excellent product.”

Eric Groeneveld – Foothills Nordic

“I've been passing around my Flex roller skis and everyone is really stoked on how they ski. The Flex system gives the same sensation as skiing on real snow.”

Andrea Stapff – Strathcona Nordic

“We have been very happy with the performance, design, and quality of Flex roller skis. They are Strathcona Nordic’s first choice.”

Andy Liebner – The United States Ski Pole Company

“Flex roller skis roll straight, absorb bumps, are durable, and feel like real flexing skis. Rundle Sport has out-innovated all the competition and have raised the bar high.”

Alanna Butler – Red Deer Nordic

 "The Flex roller ski is a smooth ride and great for going on any type of pavement.  I have several athletes using Flex and would highly recommend them for athletes and coaches of all ages and ability."

Matt Neumann- Foothill Nordic

“Flex roller skis provide the smoothest and most comfortable ride available while also providing sharp steering and agile handling. They are the Ferrari of roller skis.”



-TrueSki™ Technology
-Roller Ski Suspension Tailored to Skier Weight
-Lifetime Warranty
-Predrilled for NIS, NNN, & SNS Plates and Bindings
-Rust Resistant Hardware
-Rubber Sealed Wheel Bearings
-Standard Wheel Size (100x24mm)
-Standard #2 Wheel Speed
-Assembled in Canada